Kingdom Falls on Youtube!

Kingdom Falls on Youtube!

May 9th, 2015

Brand New Videoclip ”Burak Yeter – Kingdom Falls” on Youtube.

Glimpses of the stunning visuals shot in two of California’s National parks, as well as Burak’s breathtaking estate in Bel Air give a preview of the work done by LA based production company, TJR FILMS. Taylor Randall and Eric Tabor Designs pushed to new heights for Burak’s tracks, “Kingdom Falls” and “It Ain’t Over”. The duo produced and directed both videos in Epic Red Dragon; the same cameras used to film two of America’s most successful box office films; Oscar winning Django Unchained and Transformers.

​Taking nearly two days per each shoot, a cast and crew of 10 and ​Hollywood’s hottest and most sought after filming equipment, actresses and animals (yes, Burak even masters the art of horseback riding) Kingdom Falls and It Ain’t Over are gearing up to be true masterpieces for the EDM scene. Stay tuned for official release dates from Punk Kids Recordings (Available 09.11 on Beatport)

You can watch here:

Burak Yeter – Kingdom Falls
kingdom falls burak yeter

Production Credits:
Eric Tabor (TJR Films/Northern Aesthetic)
Director Credits:
Taylor Randall (TJR Films) x Eric Tabor (Northern Aesthetic)

Locations used for “Kingdom Falls”
(Fraser Flat in Stanisulaus National Forest, CA) & Bel Air Estate (YETER)



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