”Burak Yeter – Storm” EP out now!

”Burak Yeter – Storm” EP out now!

November 20th, 2013

burak yeter - storm

One more brand-new Single from Burak Yeter who continued his works in Amsterdam for a long time; “Storm”

Making its entrance into the digital stores with the label of Connection Records, Storm track is coming ambitiously.

Yeter, who released the track being in the style of Dutch House firstly via i-tunes, had the track done vocal too. Mix and Mastering of the track was carried out in London Wiredmaster studios known as one of the best studios worldwide. In the track that will be put up for sale on Beatport in the coming days, Marc Bellringer, the songwriter of Usher and Puff Daddy, sings along with his vocals at the same time. A video clip for the track is also being shot in a different format. Burak Yeter – Storm video clip will come to the screen in all music channels.

1-Burak Yeter – Storm (Original Mix)
2-Burak Yeter – Storm (Instrumental Mix)
3-Burak Yeter – Storm (Acapella)

”Burak Yeter – Storm (Original Mix)” Out on Beatport, i-tunes

Burak Yeter’s storm has just started blowing.

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