Burak Yeter & Dawn Richard ( Dirty Money )

Burak Yeter & Dawn Richard ( Dirty Money )

April 22nd, 2013

Burak Yeter is coming together with Dawn Richard (Dirty Money).

Beside their worldwide hit songs like Im Coming Home, Hello Good Morning, the group who also took stage in the project of Diddy Dirty Money of Puff Daddy is coming together with Burak Yeter.

The countdown started for the brand-new song that will be performed with world-renowned group Dirty Money Dawn Richard next weekday.

The records of the group who will come to Istanbul for Burak Yeter from Los Angeles between April 22-26 will be made at Connection Records.

Holding a press meeting on April 24, Burak Yeter and Dirty Money team will publicize the project they will carry out to the press.

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