Amsterdam Panama

Amsterdam Panama

June 16th, 2014

The brand-new album of Dj Burak Yeter, famous with his arrangements for the most recent and old known tracks until today besides its uncountable remixes, arrangements and Radio Shows until now, is about to be completed real soon. With the idea of launching his album consisting of nearly 12 tracks in the month of July will be in front of us with a brand-new sound. Vocals from many places around the world accompany to the tracks he made in the format of Electronic Dance Music. Burak Yeter who also managed to add various sounds into the album hosts an album launching night in Panama which is one of the trendiest venues in Amsterdam as well.

Naming the album as “New World” with the new Sound understanding, Burak Yeter is almost about to complete Mix and Mastering part of the album.

Yeter, who emphasizes that it is one of the most important albums released by him in his nearly 10-year career, will also perform album tracks in Amsterdam Panama for the first time.

If you want to witness this night as well, you can buy ticket from the link below and dance all night long in the night of Burak Yeter.

Panama Burak Yeter Amsterdam

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